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COMMERCIAL CLEANING - We know cleanliness is important to your customers too, so we can help with that. We can clean the office, the store front, the back office, the warehouse, the gym, the home office or just your desk. We can do it once a night, once a week, once a month or just a special project, you name the frequency. We can augment your current team or we can do it ourselves, whatever helps your customers and your bottom-line. Regardless of what you need, we've got you covered.

POST-CONSTRUCTION CLEANING - We know that construction is a mess, and we're here to clean in up. When the dust settles, or even if it hasn't, we're here to help. We can start when the hammers leave and continue to support when the decorators, boxes and furniture arrive. We're used to the chaos and can help bring order. We can support your construction project all the way through the burn-in, the open house and your first restful night. Whether it's one room or 62, size doesn't matter and we have the staff to meet the challenge. We are approved by Colorado's largest construction companies so we can handle the large or the complex, we'll come with our hardhats.

WINDOW CLEANING - Yes, we do windows. You're in Colorado to soak up the outside, so you need to see the outside, we can help with that. No job is too small or too large, we can do just once or once per week.We can do just the outsides or the insides too. We can handle all the structural glass on the inside, the showers, the mirrors and the chandeliers, where ever you have we can clean it. We're not fair weather fans in Colorado, we're used to being outside so we can clean your windows all year too. What's a little rain or snow, you need to see Colorado.


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