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the Daily Special

Introduction to our Daily Special cleaning program. We now provide our customers a program to access uncommitted cleaning hours on the day of. The Daily Special can solve those last minute or ad hoc cleaning or maintenance needs at an economical cost. As our cleaning and maintenance teams are already committed to be in the field for the day, you can request access to those uncommitted hours by covering only the incremental cost of providing the service. This provides you a 35% discount off our normal rates. The Daily Special cleaning rate is $27 per hour and maintenance rate is $33 per hour; now that is special. While there is no guarantee that there will be available hours on any given day, real-time communication with our office team can provide you with what’s on our Daily Special Menu each day.


You need to review the Daily Special Menu for the day, post a request, execute our service agreement and get ready for our crews to arrive.

  • Text “MENU” to our text server at 970-300-2489

  • You will then receive a return text of our Daily Special Menu which will include, if available, the Daily Special cleaning options by time of day and number of hours for that day.

  • If you wish to purchase any of the Daily Special hours you will need to text back your order to AVS, specifying Name, Property Address, Email and number of hours needed. The requested hours can be estimated, but no less than four and no more than what’s available.

  • AVS will create an Estimate of Charges and Service Agreement that will be sent to your Email.

  • You will need to receive the Email, review the Estimate of Charges, execute the AVS Service Agreement and provide credit card information for payment.

  • Once AVS receives the complete and executed Service Agreement and valid credit card information you will receive an email or text confirming your service request and the time your Daily Special crew will arrive.

  • Please see the below Terms & Conditions for the Daily Special cleaning program.


The following are in addition to AVS standard terms and conditions included in our Service Agreement.

  • Customer shall not have any similar services currently scheduled with AVS.

  • Customer shall accept the day and time of the available Daily Special cleaning services (e.g. no wait time, unless paid for, and no roll-over of hours to subsequent day).

  • Customer must utilize a minimum of four hours of cleaning services.

  • Customer will pay $27 per person per hour for all cleaning hours used, or $33 per person per hour for all maintenance hours used, regardless of estimate, including our standard mobilization fee of 6.5%.

  • Customer will execute AVS’ Service Agreement, including providing credit card information.

  • Customer agrees that AVS will charge the customer’s credit card the day after services are provided.


We do, so you don’t have to.